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Bible Reading

Did you know that it only takes 15-20 minutes of daily reading to read through the Bible in one year? 

You tried that before and got behind and ended up quitting?

Here’s a tip. Ignore the dates on your reading schedule and instead, cross off the passages you’ve read so far. Next time you have a chance to read, just begin where you left off. You may not finish in a year, but you will eventually get all the way through the Bible, which is infinitely better than giving up. And next time around, who knows?

But today is not January 1. No need to wait for a New Year’s resolution. Begin reading on today’s date and at the end of the year go back to January 1 and proceed each day until you have finished what you didn’t read last year. In the end, it still will have taken you 365 days to read through the entire Bible!

Bible Reading Plan OT-NT

  • Daily chronological readings from both the Old Testament and the New Testament
  • The Old Testament readings are arranged in approximate chronological order.
  • The Books of the Prophets are in sequence with the historical events and people with which those prophets were involved.
  • New Testament readings begin and end at logical thought breaks rather than at chapter divisions, which are sometimes artificial.
  • John and Luke are switched so that Luke’s two books, his gospel and Acts, will be read in sequence.
  • Can be used as a bookmark when printed on both sides of the paper, then folded into columns

Genesis thru Revelation

  • Takes you systematically through the Bible in one year
  • Can be used as a bookmark when printed on both sides of the paper, then folded into columns

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