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Cooking From Scratch

Are you ready to draw closer to The Lord and overcome the obstacles that keep you from studying God's Word? You are invited to be a part of our 

Cooking From Scratch: 

Women's Bible Study and Cooking Class

on Tuesdays from 6-8 pm

@ Denise Steyaert's home, 408 Madden St, Berryville, VA. 

Featuring: The Book of Ephesians and 2 New Recipes a week! 

Even if you can't be with us in body, you can join in the daily Bible study challenge! Sign up to be on the email list. 

FACEBOOK: Gideon Rising

Ingredients for a GREAT Bible Study:

  • Connecting with other women
  • Praying scripture
  • Daily Bible studies emailed to you. (Also available in hard copy! 5 days a week.)
  • Bringing it home action points to help you share what you are learning with your family and friends. 
  • New Bible study tools and skills
  • Weekly online encouragement videos
  • Weekly memory verse challenge
  • 2 new, fast and easy recipes and shopping guide each week
  • Fellowship 
  • Food!
  • 8 week study
"...intimate interaction with the Holy Spirit makes all the difference between reading your Bible in a chore-like manner or an academic way to an interaction with the King of Kings and the Lord of lords." (page 3 Cooking from Scratch)

Learn new recipes to feed your body, and learn to open God's Word and feed your soul!

So many women are more and more aware of GMOs in food and are trying to help their families eat organic, healthy meals. What about spiritual GMOs? Are you going right to the organic Word of God? God wants you to get locally sourced food, straight from your own Bible! The same way we need good tools to cook with, we need to know how to use our Bible study tools and skills to read the Bible. 

What to bring?

  1. A three ring binder to put your next week's study guide in, to keep notes with. 
  2. Some extra paper for the binder for any extra notes.
  3. Something to write with and a highlighter.
  4. A friend or even a teenage daughter! New people are allowed to join part way through.
  5. A Bible of your choice. The study uses the 1985 NIV version, but any version will do. 
  6. Sign up on Sign up Genius to bring an ingredient, drink or paper product. (We all know that women lead busy lives, so you don't have to do this every week. Just pick one that works for you and bring something convenient for you!) 
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